Friday, 16 August 2013

sorry its been so long.....

..... but have you ever had a time when..... life just got in the way??
well that's what has happened over the last few months.  NOT to bore you with the detail, however I will try and get over my technophobia and blog more often.

I have had lots of help and encouragement from my lovely friends who have blogs themselves, marmalade rose has been especially patient with me ,   she will tell you I need a darn good kick up the !!! when it comes to blogging and using the computer!! I am from the wrong era.... anyway that's my excuse..........

Thought you would like to see this
inside of my lovely shop

supporting British wools
FOR ALL YOU YARNAHOLICS...................
Saturday 28th September
the little white bus is leaving Hawes, at 8.30am
to arrive at Skipton for around 10am to enjoy what we hope will be a great day out at this wooly new event for 2013.
Cost for the bus £6.50
payable when booking.
Entry into yarndale  £5.00
Space is limited and is filling fast!
to be sure not to miss out on what will be , I am sure a truly  great day.
I hope you have enjoyed this quick little post, just to let you know that I am still here and looking forward to sharing
more with you , either in the blog or in person at the shop or maybe even out and about at Hawes or Keswick market.
till next time
jenny x
my friends and will both be exhibiting at


  1. Glad I'm not the only one thats been quiet in blogdom of late......catch you later! x

  2. Glad to see the blog is coming along !! :) Looking forward to reading lots more XX see you soon.

  3. Just picked myself up off the floor! Excellent work and pictures too! Never mind 'from the wrong era' you're younger than me! Next post please :)

    1. confession time, have to thank the lovely ash for the pictures lol, xx